Our Team

Founded in 2015 at King's Academy in Madaba, Jordan, Fikra 3al Mashi has been led and developed by a group of students dedicated to making a relevant impact. Since then, the team has grown, but the spirit remains the same. 


Rami rustom

Currently at MIT studying architecture and computer science, Rami likes to read, build stuff, and sail. He calls Aleppo, Syria his hometown. 


sari samakie

Sari has spoken at over 25 schools around the world,  raising awareness to the importance of education. He loves photography, is studying at Georgetown University. 

will close

Completing his studies in International Relations at Duke University, Will is a passionate traveler, and is a native of Washington D.C. 


Rafe' zou'bi

Currently a senior at King’s Academy, Rafe’ enjoys spending time working with others in his local community. He plans to pursue a career in medicine, combining his love of science with his passion for community service.


sara awad 

Sara is currently studying Political Science and Film Studies at AUB. She is passionate about finding new creative ways to tackle old problems through empowering youth. 


osama gadeon 

A senior at King's Academy, Osama loves to build stuff, hike, and help others. He plans to study chemical engineering. 


sama zou'bi

 Sama has interests in photography, political science, and economics. She enjoys playing volleyball, and is completing her final year at King's Academy. 

hanan dudin

Hanan has been contributing to humanitarian projects with Syrian refugees for several years, and hopes to make a career of it. For fun, she enjoys reading and acting. 

aya alsabellah

Aya is a senior at King's Academy who likes writing and reading Arabic poetry. She is driven by her willingness to help others be where they want to be. 


Ahmad karzoun

A senior at King's Academy, Ahmad is a passionate soccer player and photographer. He hopes to pursue a career in international relations.