Fikra Team Wins International Service Award, And Looks To The Future

Last week, the Fikra 3al Mashi team was honored to receive the 2016 International Kurt Hahn Prize for Outstanding Service, given by Round Square International. Pictured below are the Fikra co-founders Will Close, Sari Samakie, and Rami Rustom. Other team members and volunteers include Saif Kabariti, Katerina Saleh, and Liam Watkins. We would like to thank them, and everyone else who has helped us achieve this recognition.

The prize was a great honor, especially since it is not awarded on a regular basis. It recognizes our efforts so far in trying to help Syrian refugees, but more importantly, serves as encouragement, pushing us forward. There is yet a lot of work to be done, and we have only scratched the surface. Fikra still has a long way to go in order to have a lasting, sustainable impact on the lives of others.

In the future, we hope to establish our own computer labs and classrooms around Jordan. This might defy the "3al Mashi" part of our mission (mobile education), but after working in the field for over a year now, we have realized that establishment, and being grounded in a certain neighbourhood, is the best way to have a lasting, long-term impact. We need to be able to follow-up with the students, and allow them, pursuant to the mission of the SOLE, to explore and learn by themselves.

We hope to get the same amount of support that we have gotten up until now.